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Beat the heat with a new cooling unit

Find the solution to heat stress

If heat stress is an issue, we have a solution. Our portable misting units can reduce the heat stress index by 20 degrees or more.

Products for any workplace

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  • Automotive and assembly lines
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Military
  • Shops

All Air Chiller products are available at affordable prices and we offer a one-year warranty on any unit you purchase. Effectively protect your crew today.

Prevent any heat-related stress with the help of Air Chiller.

Manufactured in Athens, TX (Texas, USA) our stare of the art "Dry-Mist" Technology will cool your environment 20-30 degrees even on the hottest of days.  The AirChiller powder-coated steel frame allows you to see through and behind it while keeping the components safe; It's rugged design will last for years. Evaporative Cooling Technology has advanced; You can not get the same cooling power in a smaller package and for less money.



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