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Cool down at industrial or manufacturing sites, or oil fields

Beat the heat while on the job in the industrial, oil, or manufacturing industries. Air Chiller offers a selection of misting fan units created for these specific lines of work.

You can't afford to produce less work in a hot weather as you would in other seasons. Extend your employees' stay time in their working zone until their normal breaks come around. With a unit from Air Chiller, there's no need for extra breaks or the loss of productivity during a working day.

EXP-24 ( 24” Hazardous Environment Unit)

IND-24 (24" industrial unit)

The components of EXP-24 protect it from hazardous environments. These include its aluminum non-sparking blade and hazardous location wiring and motors, which keep you safe and cool. Its added steel cage with 4-point lifting protects it from any rough work environment to ensure a long life of use.

The IND-24 takes advantage of our Vortex Driven - DryMist Technology™, which guarantees a 20-30 degree drop in temperature while providing increased productivity and safety for your employees. The added steel roll cage protects it from its environment to ensure a long life of use.

IND-24 Double "Special Order, call for specifications and delivery."

Our double fan model not only provides a wide air flow coverage area, it also has the intrinsically safe features of all our EX models. Our double model includes a steel roll cage for industrial use, components for hazardous environments, and double power for extreme heat environments.

Covered area - 2,500 - 3,000 SF

CFM airflow - 14,000 CFM

Airflow speed at 5 feet - 26 MPH

Fan size - (2) 24"

Fan motor size - 0.5 HP

Tank size - 64 gallons

Run time with full tank - 4-5 hours

Amp draw (110 volts) - 12.98 amps

Circuit breaker size - 20 amps

Power supply - 1ph/110 vac/60 hz

Size - (H x W x D) 66 x 67.5 x 33.5 inches

Discharge temp delta - 15-30 degrees (F)

Evaporative zone - 10-15 feet

Weight (empty) - 270 lbs.

Weight (full) - 804 lbs.

Noise level at 10 feet - 68db



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